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When individuals understand self and are clear on who they are and how they show up to the TEAM AND in life at work, the results speak for them self.

This workshop will empower your team as a collective to work through conflict in an accelerated, more productive and sustainable way, especially remotely. This creates a cohesive and collaborative team. 

The team contract and agreements hold each team member accountable to the success of the team, as a whole. 

A new day requires a new way to lead teams!

True You Teams will support you to build a culture of excellence where the team, as a whole, is deeply engaged and embodies the TEAM vision and strategy each day, creating unprecedented results.

Who's ready for a team reset?

87% of the time, strategy (vision) fails because people resist change. We live in a world of constant change. The Team True You System will set you and your team up for success by learning to communicate in a new way. It’s a new day and a new day requires a new way to engage, work, think and do things differently. Stop resisting the change and let the team drive the vision!

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Hi! I’m Tina Paulus-Krause, CEO and Founder of True You Teams, LLC.

I help leaders transform their TEAMS into the future of work and drive extraordinary results.

I invite you to schedule a free consultation with me to discuss how how True You Teams can support you.

Leading From the Inside Out


Looking for a team building activity that is perfect for the 2020 times we are in? Ready to bring your team together in a new and different way? Do you crave off the charts engagement, inclusiveness and productivity from your team?

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